Silk Painting

Silk Scarf Painting

Part of your stay will involve the oh so therapeutic art of silk painting. You'll be provided with all the materials you need to create two beautiful silk scarves, that you will take home.

No particular skills are required, and it doesn't matter whether you lack any artistic skills. There are several techniques that don't require a paint brush in the artistic sense.

We use the French Serti (closing or fence) technique to create our silk scarves.  

This is the silk painting technique where designs are outlined with gutta or water-based resists, which are applied to white silk that has been pre-washed, dried and stretched on a frame.

Once the gutta or water-based resist has dried, it acts as a barrier for the dye or paint—keeping the color within the outlined areas of the design and allowing you to achieve sharply defined borders.

After the dye or paint has been properly set, the clear gutta or resist is removed and a defining line the color of the original fabric remains.

Some of our silk designs begin with an original drawing or stencil on paper.  The stencil is placed under the stretched fabric as a guide to reproduce the design in gutta, on the silk.  


The gutta resist we use is a rubber-based, thick, gooey liquid that is dispensed using a small bottle. Since the fabric must remain suspended, preventing contact with any surface, this is the most challenging step and requires concentration and a steady hand.

Once the gutta has dried, we paint the color using silk dyes and brushes.  It's very similar to watercolor painting.  A variety of special effects can be created with water, alcohol and salt.