Perfume Creation

Your stay will include Creating Your Own perfume

You stay with us will include the magic of parfum creation with the experts from Galimard.

If you've ever dreamed of the day you could find your own personal fragrance, one scent that is exclusively yours, that day has arrived. The scents and smells that remind you of happy memories like people, places and things which seduced you can be used. It'll be a scent uniquely "you ", one that seperates you from everybody else. 

In their "Studio des Fragrances ", their "Nose " will transform you into a creator of perfume.

You will discover the different base products and techniques combined to create your own personal fragrance using over 127 notes.


Their nose will explain to you the architecture of a good perfume, that is Top Note (peak note), Middle Note (heart note), and Base Note (fond note). 

The experts will evaluate your unique olfactory sensitivities and explain the classifications of the large families of scents along with their typical components. Then, he or she will conclude by describing the basic principles of achieving a harmonious, round formula.
You will then be free to execute your concept and follow your imagination for your own perfume. You will be able to choose to create a fragrance for Women, Men, or unisex.
Then, you will take your creation home in a personalized perfume bottle with the name you have chosen for your design.