hat creation

Our exciting course, offers you the unique opportunity to learn the essential techniques needed to design and make your own striking hats and headwear. You'll be using a variety of materials from felt cones to fabrics. Our course is ideal for complete novices to the art of hat making, or those with some previous experience who wish to hone their skills among like-minded people.

You will be introduced to some of the most common and not so common fabrics and materials to create a hat you'll be proud of.

Some of the methods are well known, and others less well known, as they're unique to Lisa your course instructor.

Using some methods used by milliners for centuries, this course will encourage you to develop your own style and designs, whilst learning different techniques for your hat creations.

Using your individual flair and imagination alongside a range of fabric and trimmings you will be shown the various techniques necessary to create fantastic headwear.

Hats have always been a must have accessory of the fashion industry, be it used as a standout statement piece or to accessorize a particular design.

Headwear comes in all shapes, sizes, and designs used by many cultures whatever the occasion. Whether plain, chic, fun, or formal, hats serve many roles.