The Villa

The Villa

At Delisa, we like to vary and rotate the villas we use for our retreats. This allows repeat clients to experience a variety of accomodation. We set the bar high with the accomodation we select, as we must be assured that you'll have a marvellous time when staying with us. In addition the maximum number of participating guests we take at any one time is 8.

All villas boast swimming pools and comfortable poolside loungers and furniture. All clients will have their own room, unless choosing to bring a partner with them

Providing at least 6 participants book the Delisa Creative Retreat, a villa in Cannes, pictured on this page is where the retreat will take place.

In the unlikely event only 3 - 5 participants book, the retreat will take place at a different villa shown here  

Cannes Villa

It has eight seperate bedrooms, allowing our clients to have their own room. There is of course the obligatory swimming pool and plenty of room to sunbathe when required.


Our retreats provide comfortable accomodation allowing our clients to relax, and learn new skills while experiencing the French Riviera also known as Provence.


There is plenty of room to stretch out, and pamper yourself. Fancy eating between meals? Go ahead. The kitchen is well stocked.


We see your bedroom as your own personal retreat, which is why we ensure you have your own one all to yourself.

The Gardens

With a swimming pool measuring 15 metres x 7.5 metres you will end up superfit if you do a few lengths a day. Alternatively, relax in a lounger sipping a cocktail.